Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pearson Education Policy Tracker 2012

Its been a while since I've posted a blog on any of various education projects I helped deliver whilst working as part of the corporate communications team at Pearson

I was going through some old postings when I came across a trial run of a new video format for sharing our policy papers with regular subscribers to 'Policy Tracker' and 'Policy Watch' from Pearson Think-Tank

The new format, features me in an interview with the Head of Policy Steve Besley. At the time it all seemed like an ingenious way forward, given the importance of video content, in sharing information easily and readily accessible to your target audience. 

Video as tool for communicating and sharing ideas is a fantastic platform. On viewing this trial run again today,  I would say the content is of a very high standard and the delivery was great but the length of the video was far too long. Ideally I would have like it if it was perhaps five minutes in length.

One of the things I know from working in broadcast journalism and communication 'less is effectively more'. So, I will have another crack at it! And perhaps I'll get the length right. You can view the Pearson Think Tank Policy Tracker video here